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Latest MAG 256 IPTV Linux IPTV with WiFi. Primesat 892HD quad core IPTV Box, With WiFi. Telestar Digibit R1 IPTV satellite receiver. Telestar Digibit R1. HDTV satellite to IP router. Satellite TV on your ipad or tablet. 650 MHz media processor. 212Mb RAM, Infomir. HDTV satellite to IP router. Satellite TV on your ipad or tablet. MAG 250 IPTV. Telestar IPTV high definition receiver. up to 4 TV channels on your tablets or phones.
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Primesat 892HD Android IPTV box MAG 256 Linux IPTV box Telestar Digibit R1 Motorola VIP1003 for adult channels Zaap TV

Lastst Mag 256 IPTV Box.


This box runs the Linux operating system. It is a faster unit than the MAG250 or the MAG254
Latest MAG 256 BOX MAG256 is a high-performance Set-Top Box solution with new STiH301 chipset.
The STB is using HEVC technology for provision of high quality video with more velocity. Owing to
enhanced capabilities of MAG256/257 Set-Top Box, it became possible to playback the video of quality
up to FullHD and to use intensive applications. Power supply and remote control included.
Faster and more powerful media processor ARM Cortex A9 1.5 GHz; HEVC support; USB 2.0 and
USB 3.0 ports to connect external carriers and Wi-Fi adapters


Special offer -
Primesat 892HD quad core IPTV Box with WiFi.

Primesat IPTV receiver.

Primesat  IPTV receiver. Primesat  R1 IPTV receiver.

High quality IPTV box with quad core processor and built in Wi Fi.
This box runs the latest Andriod 4.2 operating system (Jelly Bean).
It comes complete with an AV lead with a scart connection on the end and an HDMI lead. It has a USB socket on the
front and the back and an sd card can be plugged into the side. It uses a USB power supply and so it is possible to
power it from any USB source, even 12 volt USB adapters in a car or caravan.
Several free applications are loaded before shipping.
Detailed specifications -
Latest Android 4.2(Jelly Bean) operating system. HDMI Output. 12V power input from 240V PSU. HDMI 1080p, AV Jack
(Analog Audio L/R and Video Output) 5V/2A Micro USB Port. 2 LED indicators (Android LED-Green*2). SD card slot
Rear Panel AV, RESET, HDMI output, Ethernet port, DC IN Micro USB Port, USB Front Panel USB Host, LED indicator.
CPU: ARM® Cortex™-A7 Quad-Core. HDMI Formats - MDMI 1.4. HTML 5. SD/MMC Card (Up to 128GB). Adobe Flash.
DLNA/Miracast/Airplay supported XBMC hardware video decoding fully compliant with Full HD video.
Allwinner A31s/Quad Core 2160P. Vidio formats - WMV, ASF, MP4, 3GP,3G2M4V, AVI, MJEPEG, RV10, Divx, VC-1,
MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.263, H.264, 1080p/1080i/720p/576i/480p/PAL/NTSC Audio formats - AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, AMR-NB,
AMR-WB,QCP, MP3, WMA, WAV, M4A. Built-in wireless 802.11b/g/n. XBMC. Video decoding - MPEG1/2/4, H.264, VC-1,
Divx, Xvid, MKV, RMB8/9/10, VP6, MKV, TS, TP, M2TS, RM/RMVB, AVI, MPG, VOB, ASF, DAT, FLV etc.
Very compact - 130 x 130 x 24mm (W x D x H). 1GB DDR3 high capacity memory. 3D Accelerator : SGX544MP2 GPU.
eMMC Flash: 4GB/8GB. Expand Memory: SD/MMC Card (up to 128GB) Support Full HD 1080p/3D Film. Support popular
video formats. Various extension ports. Rich Android software App.resource
Android apps - XMBC, TouTube, Twitter, Office, Gmail, Browse, Skype, Youku etc.

Shipping options. Discounted shipping on all web orders.
UK - mainland UK delivery is included in the price, (VAT info.) (Stock levels.)
so choose "Mainland UK delivery included" - UK shipping option No 1 (or priority options 4-7).
For "UK offshore islands including Northern Ireland" many items including dishes up to 1.0m choose the £15 - UK option No 2.
International - Republic of Ireland - choose the £15 "fixed price multiple items to Eire" shipping option
International - within the EU - choose the £15 international shipping option
International - outside of the EU - choose the "International shipping quote by e-mail" shipping option.
Please note, although not guaranteed, many 1-3 day standard UK deliveries are actually arriving next day if the order
is received before our cut-off times but there is also a next day priority delivery option at only £6.50 if required

Special offer - Primesat 892HD quad core IPTV Box with WiFi.
This IPTV box was £99.95 Save £20.00 In stock.
Order code PRIIPTV
Only £79.95

Zaap TV X Arabic or Greek IPTV Set Top Box
with 2 or 3 Year options for Zaap TV Go

Zaap TV HD509N. Zaap TV HD509N.

The new ZaapTV IPTV set top box is the fifth generation Zaap TV device to deliver yet more stunning content
proving to be the ultimate entertainment machine from ZAAPTV. Currently showing over 1000 TV channels and 300 radio
channels including Arabic, Turkish, African and Kurdish or the Greek package. See channel lists below.
from Aramean (Syriac), Afghan, UK, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Germany and Italy in HD quality with new channels
being added all the time. IPTV channels are delivered over the internet and the image broadcast in HD quality.
Simply connect the Zaap TV set top box to your internet router using the supplied ethernet cable are you are all
set. An HDMI leads is included for connection to your TV set. Zaap TV also includes hundreds of Arabic, Greek,
African and Turkish radio stations plus over hundreds of Greek and Arabic video on demand (VOD) movie titles.

Zaap TV X Arabic IPTV Set Top Box 2 Year with Zaap TV Go.
See channel List below.
Order code, ZAAPTV3
Only £229.95

Zaap TV X Greek IPTV Set Top Box 2 Year with Zaap TV Go.
See channel List below.
Order code, ZAAPTV2
Only £229.95

CHANNEL LIST (sample list subject to variation)

ARABIC ARABIC GLOBAL: CHRISTIAN: Al Jazeera Arabic CTV Coptic Al Jazeera America Miracle Channel Al Jazeera English Aghapy TV Al Jazeera Masr Noursat Al Jazeera Mubasher Logos TV Wanash Al Hayat Life Channel MBC 4 CYC MBC Action Al Karma TV MBC Max SAT7 Arabic MBC Drama Al Malakoot MBC Masr 2 ME Sat MBC 3 SAT7 Pars MBC 2 Al Fady Rotana Cinema Al Horreya TV Rotana Khalijiah Nejat TV Rotana Music St Mark Channel Rotana Clip ABN Arabic Rotana Masriya ABN English Rotana Aflam Church Channel Al Nahar MEA Al Nahar Drama SonLife Broadcasting Network Rotana Classic Al Keraza Nile Drama Al Nahar Drama +2 Nile Comedy MUSIC: Nile Life Rotana Music Nile Sports Rotana Clip Nile Cinema Arabica Nile Culture Mazzika 1 Nile News Free TV CBC Drama Music Plus Nile Family Al Remas Kidzinia Cartoon Tobacts FM CBC FM CBC Extra PMC Music Al Emarat TV Vevo ROYA Oui Tele Sama TV 1 HD Music MBC 1 Kiss TV Space Toon Arabic Streetclip TV Echorouk News Europa Plus Al Nahar Sport Dubai One TV Sama Dubai UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Echorouk TV Al Emarat TV beIN Sports News Dubai One TV beIN Sports Global Sama Dubai Al Saeedah Nat Geo Abu Dhabi Nat Geo Abu Dhabi Noor Dubai Al Rahma TV Al Arabiya Cairo Cinema Al Arabiya Alhadath France 24 Orient Noor Dubai Dubai TV Sky News Arabia Ajman TV Al Baghdadia 2 Tawazon Islam Channel MTA 3 Al Hayat Al Dafrah Cinema Pro Fujairah TV Al Ghad Dubai Racing Channel LTC Dubai Sports 1 Al Hayat 2 Dubai Sports 4 Al Hayat Series AD Sport 1 Samira TV AD Sport 2 Imagine Movies YAS Sports Russia Al Yaum Baynounah TV DW TV Arabic B4U Aflam Euronews Arabic Al Sharqiya Melody Classic Music Plus Future International Dubai Drama Nour Kids Dubai Zaman Syria Satellite Abu Dhabi TV CNBC Arabiyah Majid Kids TV MBC Masr Abu Dhabi Drama Panorama Drama City7 CBC +2 Panorama Film Panorama Drama 2 SAUDI ARABIA: Panorama Comedy Wanash Panorama Food MBC 4 Al Arabiya MBC Action AM MBC Max Cairo Drama MBC Drama Cairo One MBC Masr 2 Time Cinema MBC 3 Time Comedy MBC 2 Al Arabiya Alhadath Rotana Cinema Baghdad TV Rotana Khalijiah 7Besha Cima Rotana Music Zee Aflam Rotana Clip Zee Alwan Rotana Masriya Mody Kids Rotana Aflam Hodhod Rotana Classic CBC Sofra MBC Masr Semsem Al Eqtisadia LDC Saudi 1 Al Eqtisadia Saudi Sunnah ESC Al Masriya Al Ekhbaria Iqraa Al Diwan Afrah TV MBC Bollywood Saudi 1 Al Sahraa Aghanina Saudi 2 Saudi Sunnah Al Saha 3 ANBSAT Al Soyoof Attessia TV Safa TV Canal Algerie Al Maaref Mecca Ajyal Nour TV Saudi Quran Zweina Baladna Al Thakafeyia Al Sirat TV Al Saha 2 Cartoon Network Al Mergab Noor Jordan Al Saha ANB Saudi Sport 1 Al Iman Saudi Sport 2 CTV Coptic D1 Jeddah KTO Miracle Channel Bahrain Quran EGYPT: Bahrain International Al Nahar Bahrain Sport 1 Al Nahar Drama Bahrain Sport 2 Nile Drama Bahrain 55 Al Nahar Drama +2 Bahrain TV Nile Comedy Orient Nile Life Aghapy TV Nile Sports Dubai TV Nile Cinema Ma an TV Nile Culture Hamasat Nile News Madani Channel CBC Drama MTV Lebanon Nile Family Noursat CBC Al Qamar CBC Extra Hona Alquds Al Saeedah Time Turki Al Rahma TV Al Anwar Cairo Cinema Al Manar Al Hayat Al Ekhbaria Cinema Pro Al Rayyan LTC Tele Liban Al Hayat 2 Al Diwan Al Hayat Series Bedaya Melody Classic Alaan TV Panorama Drama Ashorooq Panorama Film Syrian Education Panorama Drama 2 Al Hurra Iraq Panorama Food Al Janoubia Cairo Drama Arabica Cairo One Al Haqiqa Time Cinema Jordan TV Time Comedy Ajman TV ESC Al Masriya 2M Monde CTV Coptic Suryoyo Sat Time Turki Al Maghribia ONTV Live Alrai TV ONTV Egypt Yemen Mazzika 1 Syrian Drama TV Al Saeed TRT Arapca TEN KNN TEN +2 Qatar TV Al Nada Al Jazeera Documentary Nogoum FM TV ONTV Live Wesal Al Haq Al Aoula Inter Moga Comedy Assadissa 4SHBAB TV 1 Arriadya Time Film ONTV Egypt Time Taxi Medi 1 Sat Nile TV MBC Bollywood Cima Al Sumaria El Sharq Al Aoula Laayoune Al Kahera Wal Nas Gear One Al Kahera Wal Nas +2 Mazzika 1 Al Nahar +2 Nessma Dream 2 Alalam News Sada El Balad +2 Al Saeed Sada El Balad Drama Atfal Mawaheb Sada El Balad Alassema Teba Al Sahraa Alkahera Logos TV Alkanal Saudi 2 Alaksandria Blue Nile Channel Al Delta TEN Cairo Film Al Sharqiya News Mekameleen TV Al Rasheed Al Mehwer TV Karbala TV Misr El Bald TEN +2 Sout El Shaab Lana TV Moga Cinema ABC Cinema Panorama Cinema Al Mergab 2 Sada Misr Oman TV Live ERTU 1 Elhiwar Ettounsi Al Ahly Club TV Tunisia 1 Misr Al Zeraeey Al Gomhor Cinema Oman TV Oman Sports LEBANON: Cinema 1 Future International Cinema 2 LDC Al Nada Al Iman Darbaka Cinema MTV Lebanon Al Haqeqa Noursat All TV Al Manar Al Kitab Tele Liban Tawazon Arabica Al Mustakillah Aghany Aghany Ennahar Laki Al Quds Nogoum FM TV Al Mayadeen Wesal Al Haq OTV Lebanon Cima Ali Baba Al Jadeed Negah e Shoma Taha TV Aghany Aghany NBN Alasr TV LBC Sat Al Basira First TV Asia TV IRAQ: Layali Al Ons Al Baghdadia 2 Ennahar TV Baghdad TV Bolika TV Al Hurra Iraq Darbka Aflam KNN Al Babelya Al Sumaria MTA 3 Al Sharqiya News Moga Comedy Al Rasheed Khaer TV Karbala TV Al Teeb Al Badelya Rak TV Al Etejah Al Waha Al Fayhaa 4SHBAB TV 1 Afaq TV Al Etejah Al Baghdadia Al Quds Al Anbar Time Film Iraqia Sport Time Taxi Al Sharqiya Al Mayadeen Al Remas Al Nabaa News Sadr Al Iraq Al Ekhbariya Al Soriya Dijla Al Falastiniah Al Eshraq Al Fayhaa Iraq Now Nile TV Al Iraqiya News Funoon Al Iraqiya TV Cima Al Salam Al Saha 3 Al Khalij El Sharq Al Forat Al Dafrah Korek Masr Alhayah Zagros Al Araby TV Kurdsat TV Tamazight Gali Kurdistan Algerie 3 Coran TV Sout Masr QATAR: Gladiator Al Jazeera Arabic Majestic Cinema Al Jazeera America Al Kahera Wal Nas Al Jazeera English Al Kahera Wal Nas +2 Al Jazeera Masr Fujairah TV Al Jazeera Mubasher OTV Lebanon beIN Sports News Afaq TV beIN Sports Global Al Jadeed Al Rayyan Taha TV Qatar TV Jo Sat Al Jazeera Documentary Koky Kids Al Kass + Bin Othaimeen Al Baghdadia Al Nahar +2 SYRIA: Al Maaly Sama TV NBN Syria Satellite Al Soyoof Orient Tal2a Hendy Syrian Education Safa TV Syrian Drama TV Al Resalah Al Ekhbariya Al Soriya Belody Aflam Sham FM Sham FM Massaya Al Hayat Life Cinema Syria Bourse Free TV Syria Medical Quran TV ANN Dream 2 Dorar TV Al Anbar Halab TV CYC Ma3akom Time Quran Shada Al Hurrieh Al Hadath Al Khabar LBC Sat Talaqee Libya One Nour El Sham Tok Tok Cima Peace TV Star Cinema 2 LIBYA: Althanya Al Nabaa News Sama Cinema Libya One BBC Arabic Misrata TV Al Aqila Watan Alkaramah TV FadakTV Tobacts FM Misrata TV Fezzan TV Noon Libya TV Al Maaref Libya Al Ahrar Karameesh Al Tanasuh TV Watan Alkaramah TV Libya 24 Toyor Al Janah Libyas Channel Maghreb 24 Dubai Racing Channel Dubai Racing 3 KUWAIT: Jordan Sport Al Maaly Dubai Sports 1 KTV 1 Huda TV KTV 2 Dubai Sports 4 KTV 3 AD Sport 1 KTV Plus AD Sport 2 KTV Arabe YAS Sports KTV Ethraa Al Karma Tv Kuwait Plus Baynounah TV Al Bawadi Sada El Balad +2 Scope TV Sada El Balad Drama Alafasy Sada El Balad Hadi TV 1 Hadi TV 3 TUNISIA: Hadi TV 4 Attessia TV Iraqia Sport Al Janoubia SAT7 Arabic Nessma SAT7 Kids Elhiwar Ettounsi I24 English TV Tunisia 1 I24 Arabic First TV B4U Aflam Maghreb 24 Al Sharqiya TV Tunisia 2 Massaya Hannibal Music Plus Ettounsia TV TV Tunisia 2 M Tunisia Hawakom Tunisia Dubai Drama TNN Tunisia Dubia Zaman Syria Bourse Al Malakoot JORDAN: Syria Medical ROYA ME Sat Aghanina PSC Palestina Noor Jordan Tayba TV Al Haqiqa Sehraya Jordan TV SAT7 Pars Jo Sat Teba Noon Ajyal Karameesh Saudi Quran Toyor Al Janah Dzair TV Jordan Sport Al Thakafeyia Jordan Wast Albalad Al Kass + Azhari TV ANN A1 Jordan Abu Dhabi TV Jordan Akariah Majid Kids TV Nourmina Satellite Channel Dorar TV 7 Stars TV Abu Dhabi Drama Hannibal Time Action BAHRAIN: Sout El Kabeel Space Toon Arabic Ettounsia TV Bahrain Quran Halab TV Bahrain International Ma3akom Bahrain Sport 1 Shada Al Hurrieh Bahrain Sport 2 Al Remas Bahrain 55 Alkahera Bahrain TV Alkanal Almajd Space Almajd Holy Quran MOROCCO: Almajd Islam 2M Monde Almajd Prophet Al Maghribia Almajd Kids Al Aoula Inter Time Ektrna Lak Assadissa Alaksandria Arriadya Resalat Al Islam Medi 1 Sat Al Saha 2 Al Aoula Laayoune Aden TV Arabiaa Al Delta Tamazight Yemen Shabab Sama Yemen Yemen Today YEMEN: Al Eman Al Saeedah Hi TV Yemen Sheba TV Aden TV City7 Yemen Shabab Al Khabar Sama Yemen Al Anwar 2 Yemen Today Sadr Al Iraq Al Eman Dijla Sheba TV Al Eshraq Cairo Film Iraq Now KURDISH: Mekameleen TV KNN Cima Elza3em Kurdmax KBC Vin TV Alfath Quran Korek Al Mehwer TV GEM Kurd Dolly Cinema Zagros Jordan West Albalad Rojhelat Misr El Bald Kurdsat Sout El Shaab Gali Kurdistan Moga Cinema Speda TV CCTV Arabic Kurdistan TV CCTV News KMTV Al Mergab Kurdsat News Nour Al Sharq TRT 6 Nour Koddass Pelistank TV Al Seha Waljamal TV Rudaw Azhari TV Kanal 4 El Djazairia Kirkuk TV Majan Sterk TV Palestine Live Arzaq Kurdish Panorama Cinema K24 Sada Misr Newroz KTV 1 Ronahi KTV 2 Cira TV KTV 3 Med Music KTV Plus Med Nuce KTV Arabe KTV Ethraa Kuwait Plus FARSI: Al Bawadi Face 1 Sharqiya TV Nex 1 Sharjah Sports Pars TV Arabiaa Al Ahd Tamazight PMC Music ERTU 1 Persian Star 2 Rawabi Toheed Palestine Al Yawm Iran MN TV Al Iraqiya News Iman Hussein TV Al Iraqiya TV Iran FM TV Mickey Channel Persian Film Al Saha Hodhod Farsi Sharjah TV Kalemeh Al Ahly Club Imam Hussein 2 Al Salam Baqi TV Scope TV Mohabat Al Khalij Imam Hussein 3 Thaqalayn TV Irane Ariayee Al Fady Manoto 1 Al Forat Ganj E Hozour Marjaeyat Gem Classic Al Horreya TV BBC Persia El Haddaf Khatereh Saudi Sport 1 Newroz Saudi Sport 2 Nejat TV El Mourabiton ICC Chinghuit Persian Star 1 El Mouritaniya Press TV El Mouritaniya 2 Al Kawthar Al Atlas Sahar University Network 1 El Moled Sahar University Network 2 Talaqee iFilm Farsi Tobacts FM El Adjwaa Al Waad TURKEY: El Bilad TV Ege TV October TV 2 NR1 Turk Salman Alodah Cay TV El Mahdra Flash TV A1 Jordan KRT D1 Jeddah Yaban TV FM NTV Sport Jordan Akariah NTV Turkey El Wataniya Rehber TV Maestro TV TRT1 Nourmina Satellite Channel TRT Cocuk Sahel TRT Kurdi 7 Stars TV TRT Arapca TDM TRT Avaz Dava TRT Haber M Tunisia TRT Muzik Alshallal TRT Sport Fezzan TV TRT Turk Abu Alfeda Kanal 7 Avrupa Al Hurra TVT Tunisna Ulke TV Libya TV Power Turk Libya Al Ahrar Semerkand Numidia News TV Viva Nour El Sham Minika Cocuk TNN Tunisia Minikago Al Magharibia A Haber Al Magharibia 2 Dream TV Alafasy TV 2 Al Tanasuh TV TV8 Ameer Alshefaa Kanal 32 CNA Mavi Karadeniz TV Velayat TV Kocaeli TV Al Huja TV TLC Nadi El Asdikaa Show TV Misr Al Zeraeey Fox Turkey Al Asayel A9 TV Libya24 Gaziantep Olay Hareem Elsultan Kanal 7 Libyas Channel Bengu Turk Halk TV Kackar Karadeniz NEWS: Kon TV Al Jazeera Arabic Ulusal Kanal Al Jazeera America Bereket TV Al Jazeera English Beyaz TV Al Jazeera Misr DRT Denizli Al Jazeera Mubasher Pamukkale TV Nile News ASTV France 24 Atlas Ordu Sky News Arabia Fenerbahce TV Russia Al Yaum Konya TV DW TV Arabic Sports TV Euronews Arabic TV EM Future International Uzay TV CNBC Arabiyah Turkmeneli Al Arabiya Al Arabiya Alhadath ANB AFGHAN: Al Manar RTA Afghanistan Al Hurra Iraq Payam E Afghan Alalam News Al Sharqiya News Al Nabaa News AFRICA: El Sharq El Mourabiton LBC Sat Chinghuit BBC Arabic El Mouritaniya I24 English El Mouritaniya 2 I24 Arabic El Mahdra CCTV News El Wataniya Al Hurra Sahel Numidia News TV TDM TNN Tunisia Dava BBC Persia ERI TV Press TV EBC 1 Russia Today Sudan TV BBC World News EBC 3 CNN Somaliland National TV Bloomberg Europe Amhara TV HCTV Universal TV MOVIES: SNTV Somalia MBC 4 Dabanga MBC Action Kalsan TV MBC Max RTD Djibouti MBC Drama Oromiya MBC 2 TV Mauritania Rotana Cinema SSTV Rotana Khalijiah ESTV Rotana Aflam El Shaddai Al Nahar Drama Royal Somali Nile Drama Africa TV 1 Al Nahar Drama +2 Africa TV 2 Nile Comedy Africa TV 3 Nile Cinema Africa TV 4 CBC Drama Neelain Sport CBC Sudan Drama CBC Extra Open University of Sudan Cairo Cinema Tayba Radio Cinema Pro Tigrai TV Imagine Movies Panorama Drama Panorama Film ARMENIA: Panorama Drama 2 Armenia TV Panorama Comedy Kentron Cairo Drama Shant TV Cairo One Armenia 1 Time Cinema Time Comedy Time Turki UK: Syrian Drama TV New Beginning TV Network MBC Bollywood BBC News ABC Cinema Russia Today Al Gomhor Cinema Cinema 1 Cinema 2 SUDAN: Darbaka Cinema Ashorooq Cima Ali Baba Blue Nile Channel Moga Comedy Tayba TV Time Film Sudan TV Majestic Cinema Dabanga Belody Aflam Africa TV 1 Tok Tok Cima Africa TV 2 Star Cinema 2 Africa TV 3 Sama Cinema Africa TV 4 Sada El Balad Drama Neelain Sport Dubai Drama Sudan Drama Dubai Zaman Open University of Sudan Abu Dhabi Drama Tayba Radio Dolly Cinema Persian Film iFilm Farsi ALGERIA: Sudan Drama Echorouk News iFilm English Echorouk TV Samira TV Canal Algerie CHILDREN: Ennahar Laki MBC 3 Nogoum FM TV Kidzinia Cartoon Ennahar TV Space Toon Arabic TV Tamazight Nour Kids Algerie 3 Mody Kids Coran TV Hodhod Dzair TV Semsem KBC Cartoon Network El Djazairia Atfal Mawaheb El Heddaf Taha TV Al Atlas Koky Kids El Adjwaa Noon El Bilad TV Karameesh Numidia News TV Toyor Al Janah SAT7 Kids Ajyal GERMAN WEB TV: Majid Kids TV Dresden TV Almajd Kids N TV Mickey Channel Sachsen Fernsehen Hodhod Farsi Pro Sieben Smile of a Child Pro Sieben MAXX Kabel 1 N24 SPORT: SAT 1 Nile Sports SAT 1 Gold beIN Sports News RTL beIN Sports Global Super RTL Bahrain Sport 1 RTL 2 Bahrain Sport 2 RTL Nitro Gear One Magdeburg Oman Sports VOX Gladiator TV Aktuell Dubai Racing Channel ZDF Jordan Sport ZDF Neo Dubai Sports 1 Light Channel Dubai Sports 4 3sat AD Sport 1 KiKA AD Sport 2 TV Halle YAS Sports Nickelodeon Iraqia Sport VIVA Al Kass + DW Sharjah Sports Offener Kanal Dessau Saudi Sport 1 Alex Berlin Saudi Sport 2 QVC A1 Jordan RFH Neelain Sport FRANCE WEB TV: ISLAMIC: KTO Islam Channel NoTele Iqraa Alsace 20 Saudi Sunnah Monaco Channel Mecca TVM est Parisien Nour TV Noor Jordan Bahrain Quran INDIA WEB TV: Madani Channel Imagine Movies Al Kitab Zee Alwan MTA 3 B4U Plus Al Resalah Huda TV Saudi Quran RUSSIA WEB TV: Almajd Space Rossiya 24 Almajd Holy Quran RTR Planeta Almajd Islam Europa Plus TV Almajd Prophet Impact TV Resalat Al Islam MTA International Alfath Quran AZERBAIJAN: Imam Hussein TV 7 Kazakhstan Imam Hussein 3 CBC Gunaz

Mega Channel Blue Sky ANT1 Nickelodeon ANT1 Cyprus Alert TV ANT1 HD Smile Alpha ART Alpha HD Mad TV Alpha Cyprus High TV RIK Sat AB RIK HD SBC Star Rise Star Channel HD Creta TV Skai KPHTH 1 TV Skai HD KPHTH TV ERT 1 Nea TV Crete ERT 2 Channel 4U ERT 3 RIK 1 ERT HD RIK 2 ERT World Sigma Vouli Plus Cyprus Kontra Channel Extra Cyprus Makedonia TV Sitia TV Makedonia TV HD TV One Epsilon NETV Toronto Epsilon HD Cannali Music 4E Christian Montreal Greek TV Channel 9 BBC World News Extra 3 Tagesschau 24 Attica Capital Action 24 Note: Most channels available with 2, 7, 10 and 12 hour time-delay. Also available in Germany only: Pro Sieben 3sat Kabel 1 ZDF N24 ZDF Neo Pro Sieben MAXX KIKA SAT 1 VIVA SAT 1 Gold RTL Nitro Super RTL Nickelodeon RTL 2 arte RTL WDR Koln VOX Nickelodeon

Telestar Digibit R1 IPTV receiver - Discontinued

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