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As a family based company we offer telephone sales and advice. Tel. 01207 544664
Receiver menu page.

Edision satellite receivers
freesat receivers

freesat receivers

freesat 4K recordable receivers. 500Gb, 1Tb and 2Tb. Record one channel and watch another.

freesat 4K receiver/

Manhattan SX HD freesat receiver.

Edision Proton LED satellite receiver Edision Proton LED satellite receiver Edision Proton LED.
Low cost mini
blind search receiver. Recording option.
Only 59.95!

Edision Piccollo S2-T2/C satellite and terrestrial receiver. Recording option.

Edision Proton 12V micro receiver with remote sensor. (Caravans and motorhomes)

AB Cryptobox satellite receivers
AB CryptoBox 752HD AB CryptoBox 800 4K
AB CryptoBox 750HD satellite receiver. Blind search. Advanced tuner. Recording option.

AB CryptoBox 752HD satellite/terestrial receiver. Blind search. Advanced tuner. Recording option.

AB CryptoBox 800UHD 4K satellite/terestrial receiver. Blind search. Recording option.

Technisat satellite receivers Technisat satellite receivers

Technisat s6 CI+ receiver. Recording option.

TechniSat 4K Digiplus UHD S twin tuner PVR. Record one channel and watch another. Recording option.

All Technomate TM5402 Technomate TM5402 HD
blind search receiver. Recording option.

Recording hard drives for Technomate receivers.
VU Plus Duo 2 4K VU+ Zero 4K Vu+ Duo 4K SE. Record one channel and watch another. Advanced tuner. Recording option.

Vu+ Zero 4K. Recording option.

TNTSAT HD system TNTSAT HD system TNTSAT HD Strong SRT 7404 satellite receiver with official card. Recording option.

Replacement card for TNTSAT

FranceSAT HD system

FranceSAT HD twin tuner receiver

fransat HD satellite receiver with official card. Cahors VeOx top of the range with recording option.

FranSAT HD twin tuner PVR receiver. Record one channel and watch another. Recording option.

Replacement card for fransat

Tivosat 4K receivers
Italian TV Tivosat 4K receiver. Digiquest official receiver with official registered card.
Recording option.

Sky HD
Sky DRX890 HD 500Gb PVR

Sky DRX890 HD 2Tb PVR

Sky DRX595 HD Digibox

Italian TV Tivosat HD receiver
Italian TV Tivosat HD receiver. Digiquest official receiver with official registered card.
Recording option.

Tivosat 4K receivers

Italian TV Tivosat 4K receiver. Digiquest official receiver with official registered card.
Recording option.

memory stick
USB 1Tb memory sticks for satellite receiver recording.

Excluding Technomate which need a
Hard drive

12V, 240v TV Built in satellite. 12V/240v TV Built in satellite.

19 inch Cello 12V traveller TV with satellite, terrestrial and DVD built in. USB hard drive recording option.

32 inch Cello 12V traveller TV with satellite, terrestrial and DVD built in. USB hard drive recording option.

Zaap TV X Arabic or Greek IPTV Set Top Box with 2 or 3 Year options for Zaap TV Go Zaap TV 100s of middle eastern channels.

Humax Aura 1Tb and 2Tb IPTV recordable

Humax Aura 1Tb and 2Tb IPTV recordable

IPTV 80 adult channels receiver
IPTV 40+ HD adult channels receiver.

(40+ HD specialist adult channels through your network internet connection)
memory stick Hard drives for Technomate receivers.

memory stick
USB 1Tb memory sticks for satellite receiver recording.

Excluding Technomate which need a
Hard drive

memory stick
USB 1Tb memory sticks for satellite receiver recording.

Excluding Technomate which need a
Hard drive


Receivers for adult channels

Receiver advice.

There are 2 types of receiver,

1. Standard receivers - These can be free to air receivers or Free to air with a card slots and or cam slots. These receivers
will tune to any channels on any satellites as they have the following software protocols built into them, Diseqc 1.0 and 1.1
(for switching between multiple LNBs and Diseqc 1.2 and USALS (for controlling a Diseqc motor on a motorised dish)
There is no extended program guide, only now and next. (However some receivers run a Linux operating system and it may be
possible to find a "plug in" online which can offer an extended program guide for various program providers but this does
need some research and IT skills.


2. Dedicated receivers like Freesat receivers. These receivers (Like Sky receivers). They have been built and licensed by
a particular program provider. (A program provider usually has a number of channels on a satellite as do other program
providers who share the same satellite and there may be individual channels on a satellite which are not part of a package)
Dedicated receivers often have pre-programmed tuning capabilities and it may not be possible to scan in other
channels / frequencies at all (e.g. freesat receivers) of it you can, only the frequencies it lets you and not others
(like Sky receivers - if you scan another satellite with a Sky receivers it will only scan in a % of channels, once the
ones which coincidentally have the same frequencies as Sky channels).
Dedicated receivers usually do not have Diseqc 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 or USALS. Freesat and Sky receivers do not although other
receivers on other satellites may have. (e.g. The dedicated "Strong" receivers for the French TNTsat package do have
Diseqc and will tune to anything). Freesat receivers and Sky receivers are therefore not suitable for other satellites.
Dedicated receivers like freesat receivers do, however, come with a licensed extended program guide (epg) which looks forward
(usually about) a week. The latest generation freesat and Sky receivers also have an epg which can look backwards a week
(this requires and internet connection with a UK IP address). It is also called catch up TV.

Then there are single tuner receivers and twin tuner PVRs.

The latter lets you record one channel and watch another. Cheaper twin tuner PVRs may only have an external USB hard drive
option. The top of the range receiver from any manufacturer (flag ship model) is a twin tuner PVR with an
internal hard drive option.

There are receivers with a standard operating system and receivers with a Linux operating system

This does not apply to dedicated receivers (only from option "1" above). Some receivers run a standard operating system
and some receivers run a Linux operating system. The latter is more complicated, it is best if you have reasonable IT
skills but you are rewarded with more features - Examples are - better IT connect-ability, steaming, and control
from any computer in the world through a web interface.

Receiver Examples.

Good free to air (or card / CI) single tuner receivers -
(Note - single tuner receivers usually have USB and an external hard drive or USB stick can be connected so the the
channel you are on can be recorded now or later).
Low cost but plenty of features - Edision Piccollo S2-T2/C
If a slightly larger budget is available - CryptoBox 752HD
(The Cryptobox has an advanced DVB-s2X tuner and can scan in more channels using blind search than any other satellite
receiver we have tested on multi-satellite or motorised systems. Ideal also for satellite enthusiast feed hunters.
From a German manufactuer - Technisat s6
(This receiver supports CI+ CAMs)
Linux single tuner - Vu+ VU plus Zero 4K

Good twin tuner PVR receivers -
Ultimate twin tuner PVR (Linux) - Vu+ Duo SE 4K
(The Vu+ Duo SE 4K has an advanced DVB-s2X tuner).
Ultimate twin tuner PVR - Technisat Digit Isio STC 4K
(The Technisat Digit Isio STC 4K also supports CI+ cams).

Good dedicated UK single tuner receivers -
Freesat - Manhattan SX
Freesat UHD-X 4K HD
Sky - Sky HD DRX595

Good dedicated UK twin tuner PVR receivers -
Freesat - Freesat recordable 4K
Sky - Sky HD DRX895

Triax HD Modulator with TV eye control

HD Modulator HD Modulator

HD Modulator

Important - Unlike many other modulators on the market, this one can be controlled using the TV eye system. It has
control built into it. (Some people already have a TV eye system in their home). Just put a tv eye on the end of the
cable going into the back of your (e.g. bedroom) TV and you can control the satellite receiver in the main room from
the bedroom. Also unlike other modulators, this one has and HDMI loop-through which means when the HDMI lead
goes into the modulator, it also loops out to go to the TV next to it. Most modulators do not have this function
and if not, an additional HDMI splitter is needed. No splitter is needed with this modulator.

The HD modulator, has an HDMI input and a coaxial cable output. Many houses already have a UHF distribution system.
A similar system in the past would take the coaxial output from the UHF (RF) connection of a receiver, maybe to an existing
distribution amplifier in the loft, then cables down to the rooms. This new HD modulator will work with your existing
distribution system. Satellite receivers now have an HDMI output. Connect the HDMI output from your satellite receiver
into the HD modulator. The coaxial output of the modulator can go direct to a second TV elsewhere in the house, or it
can go to a distribution amplifier (which may be in the loft) and then to many rooms. This coaxial cable then plugs into the
digital tuner input of your TV. All you then have to do is tune in the channels on your TV and one of the channels will be the
satellite receiver from the main room. This can be in full 1080p HD. Additional notes. The old UHF system in use for, probably
30+ years from an RF output was analogue and not very good quality. Usually there was an RF modulator built into the satellite
receiver and you had to tune in the analogue tuner of your TV set. Today many flat screen sets have both analogue and digital
tuners. Since there is no analogue TV any more the analogue tuner only tends to be used for tuning the old UHF, RF distribution
system but the new HD modulator works through the digital tuner of the TV in full HD. There have been some HD distribution
system which use CAT 5 cable but this system of HD over coax means that the old existing distribution system using coax can
be used and will it all work in full HD. There is an aerial loop through on the back of the modulator (just the same as the
old analogue loop through in the back of a satellite receiver with RF in and out) and so if the TV aerial can go into the
modulator, the aerial will then be carried with the satellite receiver signal to every TV through the distribution system in
the usual way. Also remember out dedicated telephone support line just for our customers is there to help you

A TV eye is included but additional TV eyes can
be added.
Click here to order.

(All prices on this web site include VAT.)

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See our other web site at- www.primesat.eu

This site includes many products that are exclusive to the Satellite Superstore.
The site contains -
Products that we manufacture (e.g. We have manufactured heavy duty wall mounts and ground stands since 1991).
Selected products which have our own Primesat brand name and have been prepared to our specifications.
Selected products where we have been appointed the authorised UK or European distributor by the manufacturer.
www.primesat.eu is an information site. Here you will find full specifications and many detailed pictures.
To buy any of these products, simply order them on this web site.

Link to our own satellite museum site

Satellite Museum. A museum of vintage satellite receivers.

Satcom 7700 satellite receiver.

For old satellite receivers with knobs on and read about "A History Of Satellite TV".

Also see www.rewindmuseum.com. A Museum of vintage consumer electronics.
Vintage reel to reel video recorders. Vintage VHS and Betamax VCRs. Vintage video cameras. Vintage
Laser Disc. Vintage Computers. Old telephones. Old brick mobile phones. Vintage Hi Fi, Old reel
to reel audio and early audio cassette decks. Including, the history time line of vintage
consumer electronics ... and much more .....

Sony 2400 portable reel to reel video

It is well worth a visit.
Only The Satellite Superstore brings you
great products, advice and it's own museum.

Rewind Museum

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