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Satellite Superstore contact page. About The Satellite Superstore. UK. We specialise in the best satellite products available. Contact forms. Our site includes a very comprehensive range & a great deal of advice. Satellite advice forms.
We have 2 identical sites on different servers. www.satellitesuperstore.com & www.satellitesuperstore.co.uk If one site is down, please use the other one
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Company Address - Vision International. Enterprise House Strathmore Road, Rowlands Gill, Tyne and Wear, NE39 1HZ. UK.

Telehone numbers - (Please note that we do not sell goods on e-bay. Please do not ring us about ebay purchases.)
(An ebay company has a similar name to ours & people ring us for help when their emails are not answered after buying on ebay.)
Unlike other companies who hide their phone numbers, we welcome telephone enquiries.

Sales lines - Tel. 01207 544664 and 01207 544224.
International - Tel. +44 1207 544664 and + 44 1207 544224
After sales support - Tel. The number is on your invoice.

You can email us through the contact forms below. We try to answer emails within 24 hours. Often much faster.
Questions through the support forms below are given priority over any other e-mail
Please read our frequently asked questions (faqs) first. e.g. Sky, freesat questions, Getting more signal etc,

Contact Forms.

1. Click here for the "pre-sales advice " form and all other questions.

2. Click here for the "after-sales advice " form and all other questions.

3. Click here for the "returns " form and all other questions.

Notes - We receive 100s of emails a year is how to get more signal (and better LNBs ... etc.) so please first read
FAQ No 1 on Advice page 3 first.
Technical questions are not a problem but if you are asking a question about a particular channel, we need to
know which satellite it is on so that advice on the correct equipment can be made. This can be fully researched
at www.lyngsat.com.

If our main www.satellitesuperstore.com site is "down" go to our
identical back up site at www.satellitesuperstore.co.uk

Our address.
Vision International. Enterprise House. Strathmore Road, Rowlands Gill, Tyne and Wear, NE39 1HZ. UK
Please do not visit without checking the times below. We may be closed.

Hours of business, telephone contact times, caller times.

Telephone - mail order sales

Monday to Thursday 9.0 am to 5.30pm
Friday 9.00am to 4.30pm
We are sometimes open on a Saturday afternoon.
Closed all day Sunday.
Closed on Bank Holidays.
E-mail support and advice after hours. E mails are answered during the day and after hours.

Callers for local collections.

Appointments to collect goods can be arranges for the following times,

Monday - 9.30am to 3.00pm
Tuesday - 9.30am to 3.00pm
Wednesday - 9.30am to 3.00pm
Thursday - 9.30am to 3.00pm
Friday - 9.30am to 3.00pm

Saturday - Closed.
Sunday - Closed.

The day after a bank holiday weekend - Mail order only - Closed for collections / callers.

Telephone technical support on a product
you have purchased from us.

Use the special telephone support number on your invoice.
Have your invoice number ready.
Monday - Friday 12.30pm to 4.30pm
Saturday - We are sometimes open on a Saturday.
Sunday - Closed.
Bank holidays - closed

Questions about faults or returns must include an invoice number or order number & date of purchase.

Telephone technical advice on products you wish to buy.

Tel. 01207 544664 and 01207 544224. International Tel. +44 1207 544664 and + 44 1207 544224
Monday to Thursday 9.00am to 5.30pm
Friday 9.00am to 4.30pm


Authorised Primesat distributors
Authorised Freesat dealers
Authorised Technomate dealers.
Authorised Manhattan dealers.
Authorised Triax distributors.
Authorised Humax dealers.
Authorised Raven dealers.
Authorised Superjack dealers.
Authorised Invacom dealers
Authorised Inverto dealers
Authorised EMP-Centuari distributors.
Authorised Maxview dealers.
Authorised Satfi and TracVision dealer and repair centre.
Manufacturer of wall mounts, ground stands, adapters and polar mounts.
Authorised supplier to the BBC.
Supplier to schools, colleges, universities, government departments and procurement companies.

We are an independent company but many major manufacturers trust us to sell
and provide back up for their products.
All products sold from these manufacturers are genuine UK products.
We do not sell grey imports

When someone has a technical problem and needs advice but can't find the answer
anywhere, they eventually come to us for a solution.

Waste disposal of old equipment.

If you are buying a new product from us and you already have an equivalent product that now needs
to be disposed of, maybe it is faulty or out of date and needs to be upgraded, you
can, if you wish, return the old item to us for disposal at our trade counter. The address is shown
on our contact page, and the opening times are also shown on the same page.
(e.g. Old for new - If you are buying a new satellite receiver and would like the old receiver to be
disposed of, hand it in at our trade counter and we will dispose of it for you.)
This is a free service and it follows the guidance of the Waste Electrical and
Electronic Equipment Regulations 2006.

Recycling reduces the environmental and health risks associated with sending electrical goods
to landfill. Under tha WEEE Regulations, all new electrical goods should be marked with the
crossed-out wheeled symbol and be disposed of separately from normal houshold waste

Prices, terms of business.

Prices on this site are usually very accurate but can
change without notice. Product specifications may change without notice.
We cannot be held responsible if a manufacturer changes the specification of
a product we sell. This may happen without notice.
When a product does change, we are not always able to update the
picture on the web site. This is particularly true with LNBs
where a manufacturer may change the casing but the LNBs performance and
specification stays the same. In this situation it is not an acceptable
reason to return goods just because their appearance is different than the
picture on this site.
The LNB casings change far too regularly for us to keep updating the pictures
and the appearance does not affect their performance or the way they mount on the dish.
Satellite & channels are subject to change without notice.
Telephone for latest information. We cannot guarantee to
be able to obtain a particular channel or satellite
as programme providers, circumstances and equipment
specifications may change without notice.
(e,g. Intelsat 602 at 63 degrees east is a difficult
to obtain satellite) Channels may change frequency,
polarity, or satellite. They may even disappear altogether.
Or they may become scrambled.
This is beyond our control and we cannot accept responsibility
if this occurs. TV program changes of this type are not covered
by the guarantee.
The customer should know what channels they are trying to obtain by doing the necessary research
on the program provider websites. Links to these sites are on our Links page."

Returns which are not collected.

When a customer is notified that an product needs to be picked up
we can only store the item for up to 3 months.
After 3 months the item will be disposed of.

National and International Returns Policy.

Please go to Policy

Click here for information about delivery times, shipping charges and company policy.

SLX Omni Link Kit. Wired control
for all receivers with a UHF output

Omni link kit.

Just like the TV eye link system used for Sky Digiboxes, this system works with all receivers.
It all works with the existing UHF distribution system in your home.
Control up to three devices. One remote link eye includes for one remote room. Extra
SLX link eyes for more rooms are available below.
Connect up the link to the satellite receiver and the TV link at the end of the cable in the remote
room and have full control of the satellite receiver from that room. Click here to order.

Triax Trilink. Wired control
for all receivers without a UHF output

Triax Trilink.

If you are buying a freesat receiver or a non Sky receiver without a UHF outlet, you will need this kit if
you want to distribute TV around the house with control in each room. (Cabling is needed).
The built in modulator converts the scart output of your receiver to UHF and the internal link is
a special TV eye system for non Sky receivers so that your handset has control in other rooms.
No freesat receiver has this built in and so it is an ideal addition. The UHF output can feed
an existing UHF distribution amplifier if watching TV in several rooms with control is required.
A TV eye is included but additional TV eyes can be added. Click here to order.

(All prices on this web site include VAT.)

Links to menu pages,

Catalogue Contents Page. A summary of all pages. More products.
ADVICE Pages. Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQs) Read and learn!

Menu pages.

Satellite receivers menu page.
Fixed satellite dishes menu page.
Motorised satellite dishes menu page.
2, 3 or 4 satellite on a fixed dish menu page.
Clear transparent dishes menu page.
Motorised satellite systems menu page.
V Box menu page.
Satellite dish motors menu page.
Satellite systems menu page.
Caravan / Motorhome / RV Satellite menu page.

Ku, Ka, Universal and programmable LNBs menu page.
feedhorns menu page.
C Band LNBs and feedhorns menu page.

Vu+ receivers menu page.
Freesat receivers menu page.
Humax receivers menu page.
Sky receivers menu page.
Sky accessories menu page.
Technomate receivers menu page.
French TV and Italian TV receivers menu page.
Edision receivers menu page.
Technisat receivers menu page.
Sab receivers menu page.
Twin tuner receivers menu page.
High definition receivers menu page.
Linux receivers menu page.

Multiswitches menu page.

Satellite finder meters menu page.
Wall mounts and ground stands menu page.
Installation equipment menu page.
Cable menu page.
Diseqc switches and motors menu page.

Optical LNBs and equipment menu page.
Satellite accessories menu page.
TV, FM and DAB aerials menu page.
cams menu page.
adult cards menu page.
Index of all products menu page.

See our other web site at- www.primesat.eu

This site includes many products that are exclusive to the Satellite Superstore.
The site contains -
Products that we manufacture (e.g. We have manufactured heavy duty wall mounts and ground stands since 1991).
Selected products which have our own Primesat brand name and have been prepared to our specifications.
Selected products where we have been appointed the authorised UK or European distributor by the manufacturer.
www.primesat.eu is an information site. Here you will find full specifications and many detailed pictures.
To buy any of these products, simply order them on this web site.

Link to our own satellite museum site

Satellite Museum. A museum of vintage satellite receivers.

Satcom 7700 satellite receiver.

For old satellite receivers with knobs on and read about "A History Of Satellite TV".

Also see www.rewindmuseum.com. A Museum of vintage consumer electronics.
Vintage reel to reel video recorders. Vintage VHS and Betamax VCRs. Vintage video cameras. Vintage
Laser Disc. Vintage Computers. Old telephones. Old brick mobile phones. Vintage Hi Fi, Old reel
to reel audio and early audio cassette decks. Including, the history time line of vintage
consumer electronics ... and much more .....

Sony 2400 portable reel to reel video

It is well worth a visit.
Only The Satellite Superstore brings you
great products, advice and it's own museum.

Rewind Museum

You may be interested in two other web sites.

Hard tonneau cover for the 1947-53 Chevy truck. Hard tonneau cover for the 1947-53 Chevy truck.

This web site shows all of the restoration process and the modifications to this truck.
In addition, there is a hard high quality tonneau cover on a new web site
at www.classictonneaucover.com for the 1947-53 Chevy truck.


Contacting us.
Unlike many other companies we are happy to answer questions on the phone.
Tel. (UK) 01207 544664 and 01207 544224
International Tel. + 44 1207 544664.
Before sending questions via e-mail please check-out our Frequently Asked Questions as this could save time.
If you have any questions & comments regarding this site's content, or you need advice please ....
click here to go to our contact forms.

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