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Free installation kit with all motorised systems from The Satellite Superstore UK. The kit contents are detailed below. free cable, free connectors. Free satellite installation kit
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Motorised system offer. A FREE installation kit is included.

If you intend to a buy a motorised system from us, consisting of a motorised dish and a receiver,
you are entitled to a free installation kit. SEE PICTURES BELOW.

With Diseqc motorised systems that includes,

For single tuner, single LNB systems,

* Free.... 20 m of the the high quality Webro WF100 digital coaxial. Normally (0.65p/m) - 13.00
(White cable is also available if requested). SEE PICTURES BELOW
* Free.... 4 F Connectors. Normally (15p each) 0.60
(the extra 2 F connectors can be used to make a satellite meter fly lead)
* Free.... Weatherboot or tape. Normally 0.99
Instructions booklet.

For twin tuner, twin LNB systems,

* Free.... 15 m of the best Webro twin WF100 coaxial. Normally (1.55p/m) 23.25
(White twin cable is also available if requested). SEE PICTURES BELOW
* Free.... 6 F Connectors. Normally (15p each) 0.90
(the extra 2 F connectors can be used to make a satellite meter fly lead)
* Free.... Weatherboot or tape. Normally 0.99
Instructions booklet.


* Free.... Coach bolts, penny washers and plugs. Normally (60p each) Typically about 5.00
(Only included if a wall mount or ground stand is included in your order).
The number provided is matched to the number needed for the selected wall mount or stand.
* Free.... We also include a useful installation guide free of charge.
This guide would normally cost 5.00 and is written by us. It is based on years of practical experience.
All of these items will be supplied FREE OF CHARGE with a motorised system.
Great prices from the Satellite Superstore and a FREE kit.
If extra cable is required, it can be added - see below.

Additional - with 36 volt motorised systems,

The items above are included and,
15m of 4 core control cable (Normally 99p/m) is also included. (total 14.85).

If extra cable is needed, add it on the satellite cable page (links above).

Some of the items we include.

Webro WF100 Cable

DigitalCable twin LNB cable.


Twist On F Connectors CoachBolt&Plug.

Send us an e-mail quoting your order number if you want to change the cable from black to white

You might need the following extras for your motorised system.

1. A wall mounts or ground stand.

And if you are fitting the system yourself,

2. A satellite meter.

3. If you are buying a system with an H to H motor, moving the motor east and west
while the dish is being set up is best done with a power supply. This can be a 12 volt
battery or power suppply, or we do sell a tool called and east west positioner which provides
36 volts with east and west buttons and this tool is another option should you require it.
See the east west positioner on the Install Page.
(Not required with straight actuators as they can be slid through the clamp as the polar
mount is moved east and west.)

4. Also available are our training videos.
These videos demonstrate how to fit a motorised system
see them on the training videos page.


This kit is included with all 36 volt motorised systems providing a complete 36 volt motorised
receiver with 36 volt motorised dish kit (full system) has been selected.
A complete motorised system with a diseqc CI receiver, a V Box and a 36 volt
motorised dish (full system) have all been selected.

If the motorised receiver only has been selected and the dish kit is added within 14 days,
The motorised dish kit has been selected and the receiver added within 14 days,

proving an e-mail is sent to us at the time of the second order, requesting the free
kit and including the order number details of both orders,
the free fitting kit can be added to the second order.

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